Alternative Photography And Printmaking

Who I Am

I am a multimedia artist with a strong focus on photography in both traditional and modern methods. My subject matter varies between landscapes, conceptual, fine art, and fashion. I have a strong interest in alternative printing methods for its great range in depth and character.

What I Do

I strive to not only convey my working knowledge in these printing methods but to show how one can achieve great results regardless of access to expensive equipment and access to facilities. 

Gum bichromate printing is a 19th-century photographic printing process based on the light sensitivity of dichromates. It is capable of rendering painterly images from photographic negatives. Gum printing is traditionally a multi-layered printing process, but satisfactory results may be obtained from a single pass. Any color can be used for gum printing, so natural-color photographs are also possible by using this technique in layers.

This will be a 2 day workshop. 

Day one will focus on the history of the process as well as the chemistry used and where to obtain needed materials. We will mix chemistry and create negatives in preparation of creating a print.

We will also go over current and past artists who have/are using this method to gain perspective on the diverse potential of gum printing. 

Day 2 we will make our prints.

Each session of the course is 2 hours long.


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